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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why a sense of humor is needed.

Yesterday we were in Walmart (yes, I got Chris into Walmart) and the greeter came up to us when we were checking out and asked "What she mixed wit?", referring to Hannah in Chris's arms. Chris responded with, "Well, we just brought her home from China..." and she immediately asks "Oh China, how much that cost you?" By this time I was able to close my mouth and respond with "ahhh, about $15,000" and she continues with "That's not bad! I just love Asian babies. You see, my boyfriend is Korean, but we can't have any children since I got fixed."

I'm sure this is not the last of the strange comments we will get, although this is one of the funniest I have heard of. Let's just say we will not be heading to Walmart any time soon. No wonder Chris thinks they are destroying America.



vici said...

I think she must have been asking was Hannah mixed whit love and paradise or sweetness and heaven. I would say all of the above!

Tiffany said...

Hel-Lo...what did you expect from a greeter in Walmart...not to mention in North Carolina?? I'd love to hear all the comebacks you were too stunned to reply with!