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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Welcome Home Hannah Party

This past Saturday was Hannah's Welcome Home Party and it was a success! We were surprised by how many people were able to stop by. Hannah had finished her nap at 2:00pm (perfect timing because the party started at 2:00) and warmed up the house with her smile. Not after too long she allowed herself to be passed around - always keeping Mom or Dad in her sights. I got so busy talking it up with everyone that the only pictures I took were of the food before the party started... Nice. Sorry everyone! And thank you to those who helped with the party - Grandma & Grandpa, loved the balloons and the help with the setup and your tee shirts were so cute!, Charissa, the cupcakes were delicious and well worth the effort, Heidi, the cake was amazing and the much-needed beverages and Colleen, the fruit, veggie & cheese platters were the perfect appetizers (I need to get the recipe for the marinated cheese platter, so many people asked me). And we were so excited to share our house with everyone since we never got around to a housewarming last year. A great day!

I forgot to mention last week that Hannah has started to feed herself (Puffs & Cheerios of course) and this week we gave the inflatable tub back to Vici (thank you guys - it was perfect for China) and now Hannah is using the bath ring. We got her to start using the sippy cup, let's hope she can hold it herself before daycare starts. She rolls like a tumbleweed and shows alot of interest in moving around on her own. We keep working on her arm and leg strength. It's amazing how quick she catches on.


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