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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How do you spell fun with friends and family on the fourth of July?


We packed two car loads of babies, friends and family and took off to the zoo. It was a hour long drive, so all the babies (and some of the adults) got a quick nap on the way. Hannah really enjoyed the fish and the otter, but I think the wolf stole the show. Hannah very much enjoyed howling at the wolf along with Riley, Chance, Clay & Ashley (Hannah's God parents and their children). She really got into it - even tried to stand in her stroller. I tried to catch it on video, but let's just say I need a lot more practice using that camera. After a long hot day, we loaded everyone back into the cars, and this time everyone napped, except the drivers of course (sorry Clay & Chris).

Once we got home, we had to say goodbye to the Kittrell family. Our dear friends had a very long drive ahead of them - they drove over fourteen hours to meet Hannah. We can't say enough how much we appreciate them making the trip. It was wonderful to see them again and meet their son Chance. Riley has grown so much since we saw her last, quite a little lady. Hannah had such a great time with the babies and the baby goldfish made a huge impression. Thank you guys so much for coming... now its our turn.


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