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Sunday, July 09, 2006

One tough day... for both of us.

Thursday, July 6th was one tough day. After saying goodbye to her grandparents, Hannah was sent off to her first daycare experience. I had planned on leaving her there for a half day and then picking her up and going to the doctor for her one year physical. Hannah did fantastic at daycare - she cried when I first left the room, but after that she was fine. So I sniffled all the way home and waited for the time to pick her up. Needless to say she did better than her Mom.

The exam was not as smooth. Hannah started to cry as soon as the doctor put the stethoscope on her chest. You can see the suspicious look in her eye in the photo. She calms down quickly, so much so its as if it never happened. Then, of course, Hannah had to endure FIVE shots. At least the nurse that administered the shots was like a "shot ninja" and it was over before we knew it. Unfortunately, one of the shots can cause a fever up to two weeks after innoculation. Great. Well, Hannah has as much patience as her Mother and decided to get the fever right away. I dropped her off at daycare on Friday for a full day... it was not in the cards. The daycare called at 9:45am saying that Hannah had a fever of 101 and I needed to pick her up. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the big day. I go back to work and Hannah starts daycare. Wish us luck that everything goes smoothly and is emotional blubbering-free (that's for me of course).


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Maria said...

Oh, Kimmie. It's a big day, but you will be fine tomorrow - there will be so many people welcoming you back, and for you to brag about Hannah to, that the day will fly by! I'll call or email you to check in. Hannah will of course make lots of new friends at day care and charm the hell out of everyone there.

Just think: you already know what the best part of your day will be - getting to smush the little rock star when you pick her up after work!