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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hannah's new playpen

Things have been slow in the Hannah cuteness department. Not that Hannah hasn't been cute, oh no, it is that she has been cute when I am no where near the camera. We have also been dealing with alot of poop lately, and that kind of puts a damper on everyone's mood (see below). Today Hannah insisted on playing in this plastic tub I had just emptied out. Well, not completely empty since I left a bunch of Easter eggs in there. One large plastic tub - $10.00... a dozen out-of-season Easter eggs - $5.00... watching your daughter invent her own game - priceless.

You can also see Hannah's latest trick... she can pull herself from a seated position and stand while leaning on something (coffee table, parent's leg or in this case plastic tub). Pretty neat huh?

The last two weeks have gone by really fast. Which is great because I think we were dreading me going back to work. We had our first official call from the daycare, although in complete Hannah-style, it was not for the usual fever... apparently, Hannah pooped in epic proportions and I needed to come get her to give her a bath because it had gotten in her hair. Now I am thinking there is a pile of poop in her hair from what they described over the phone, so I jump in the car and drive an hour to pick her up. I get there and there is ONE STRAND OF POOP in her hair. One. A wet paper towel across the head could have easily been the solution. Nice. At least all the caregivers were apologetic because they did not realize I worked so far away and I gave them a Jersey-look so they won't do it again. I've got no problem picking her up when she is sick or God forbid if there is a serious situation, but next time you can handle the single poop strand thank you very much. Since I had the rest of the day off I made an appointment with our pediatrician since the epic poop situation has been going on for almost a week. We just started whole milk and thought that was the problem, then we switched to soy and there was no difference. So needless to say, enough poop is enough poop. It turned out that Hannah had two ear infections and that was causing the diarrhea. Did you know that ear infections can cause diarrhea? Yeah me neither.



vici said...

poor little bug. two ear infections and a poopidemic! how much should one little angel have to endure?

jackie said...

Well my daughters will hate me, oh well part of the job, When the twins were little I went to get them from their nap. I heard them giggling, smiling I opened the door to see what my little angels were doing. My two little darlings had discovered not only the removal of the diaper, but how well poop was for painting. All over themselves and their cribs. Such little artists, :)

Jennifer said...

All parents I know warned me about the sharp rise in scatological conversations you experience when you have a kid. This came true. My own little darling had some sort of rotavirus over Fourth of July. I heard her faintly crying on the baby monitor and thought, "Oh, she'll find her paci and go back to sleep." Imagine my guilt when I *eventually* went down to discover her lying in what I can only call a poo lagoon. We had to wash her, her crib, her bedding, her stuffed animals... and this was the kickoff to six solid days of no solid diapers. Of course, the best part was that whatever "it" was turned out to be contagious, and felled Camden, me, my friend Erin, my husband, and my mother-in-law within days. So yes, motherhood entails what they used to call intestinal fortitude, on several levels.