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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hannah in a Nutshell

I figured that it was as a good time as any to keep you updated on all-things-Hannah. Some juicy tidbits about our girl besides the adorable photos, because she is more than a pretty face. She's deep. Or at least as deep as a two year old can get. Here goes:

• Hannah loves stickers. Not only does she love stickers, but she likes to stick them on herself. A cheap alternative to jewelry. Lisa Frank here we come! (anyone, anyone?)

• Hannah loves shoes. She is very particular about her footwear. You can dress her in a cardboard box, but the shoes got to match the outfit.

• Hannah's favorite phrases are: "No" "I don't want it." "Thank you." "Peeeeese." "Uppeeese" (translation: Up, please)

• She says "Bless you" if you sneeze or cough and "Sorry" if she hurts you (steps on your foot, bonks you in the head,etc.)

• She seems to have jumped right over Dora and LOVES Eego (translation: Diego). Leave it to Hannah to go right for the guy.

• She sings her ABCs very well, although she usually likes to sing them by herself. She'll tell you to "Shush" if you try to sing with her.

• She counts to 10 (sort of) and can count in Spanish with you.

• She does not like to be dirty or have her hands be dirty. She will frequently show you her hands during dinner in an attempt to get a napkin from you so she can clean her hands.

• She loves hair bows (hair bows are ANYTHING that can go in her hair - we haven't introduced the word barrette yet.)

• When we take her to bed, she always requests "One Book" complete with index finger, however we end up reading 5-6 per night.

• We lay down with Hannah for a couple of minutes to get her settled and she always tells us to "Lay down" and Close Your Eyes"

• She hasn't mastered her inside voice yet.

• She loves black olives.

• She has added the word "Now" to her vocabulary and adds it to all of her sentences.

• She sucks on her bottom lip to the point of a red welt.

• She is very ticklish around her neck.

• Lately, her baby's name is "Beth" (I don't know where this name came from) the baby's name used to be "Bunny".

• She likes call us "guys" as in "Come on guys" "Wait guys" and "Bye guys."

• She loves group hugs.

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