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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Beach

I proudly present the long-awaited beach photos. The very first day we went out to the beach, just to see how Hannah would react. She didn't seem to like the texture of the sand between her toes, so she wanted to be held. She liked to watch the waves come in. Overall, Hannah took it a little while to get into the beach-spirit. But once she was in, she was ALL IN. Letting the waves knock her over and everything, with a big smile on her face.

The first day, she didn't like the texture of the sand, so she wore her water shoes. As you can see, she is enjoying the sand so much that she is throwing at me. Nice. The next time she took her shoes off, but still clung to us very close in the water. And the third time, she went for it. We got lucky that she is good about closing her eyes, because they didn't seem to burn. She got some sea water in her nose, but if anything maybe it cleared out her sinuses. heh. I even taught Hannah to write her name in the sand. Pretty good, huh?

We also had the chance to ride the ferry to the next island to go to the aquarium. I took the first picture on the ferry. Sometimes Hannah looks so much more mature in her photographs - it scares me. She didn't seem to enjoy sitting near the alligator, but she did like the fish.

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