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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cover Girl

Everywhere we go people always stop and comment on how beautiful Hannah is. So when I was reading the latest issue of Parents magazine and found they have a cover model search contest - I figured Hannah has as much of a shot as anyone else so we have entered her in the contest. Besides, now I can fulfill my destiny of becoming an overbearing stage mother. hee hee
Please go to:
and rate & recommend Hannah's photo(s).

And thank you for your support. :)


paula :: plays with mud said...

hey - i voted! she is the cutest one up there. of course now i want to put the O Show's mug up and have them duke it out!! :)

ps - tagged you again! :)

Maria said...

Oh, look. I can post again, yay!

I voted/ recommended several times! So when do you find out if Hannah's been selected?