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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our baby is four!

Whew! We pulled it off! Hannah's fourth birthday party was this past Saturday and we could not have asked for a better day. Since our bathroom project is way over schedule, we decided to have the party at this awesome park. Sierra had her birthday party here last year and we thought it was the perfect place for a summer birthday party. The weather was gorgeous (we expected hot but there was a nice breeze and no humidity). I was surprised that we also got as many of her classmates to attend since it was the July fourth holiday.

Hannah wanted a "Prince and Princess" party. She was very specific about the "Prince" I think because she has so many boy cousins. Everything was pink and purple. I was afraid that people would have trouble finding our shelter, so we marked the path with pink marking flags. The cake was a castle complete with one prince and several princess figurines on top. I must say that the cake was a huge hit - my friend Maria had to be on "cake watch" for a good portion of the party just to keep little fingers away from the icing. The kids got to make their own crowns with their names on them. We had a bubble machine going (well, that is until it broke). This bubble machine is definitely getting returned. The park also included a water park and little train ride that circles the park. As you can see in the pictures, Hannah barely got her hair wet at the water park but at least she ran around a lot with her guests. There were only four skinned knees and one skinned elbow to report - two of the skinned knees were Hannah's. Thankfully my Mom had the first aid kit. After the food, cake and presents we gathered the kids to take the train ride.

I am happy to report that I think that all of our guests had a really good time, including ourselves for a change. I have a very bad habit of getting wrapped up in the party details and I do not get to enjoy the party while it is happening. This year, I made a point to change that.

Hope you all had a great fourth!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Hannah Mei!!!

Kim, Ron & Madeline

Rob and Andrea said...

We had such a wonderful time, thank you for inviting us!

Rob, Andrea, Maison, & Austin

paula :: plays with mud said...

Ohhh - it looks so amazing. I'm so sad we missed it. Prince Owen is sending something her way (as soon as the Queen can finish it) - haha.

Happy birthday hugs to Hannah from all of us!

Maria said...

I love that first shot - she looks so grown up!

I still have to (uh, unpack and) upload pics to send you.

Yay for awesome holiday birthday weekend!

Teresa said...

Looks like a great party. Thanks for stopping by my blog.