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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Book Review: Liberty's Journey

Ha Ha! I found a children's book on the "Statue of Liberry". It is called "Liberty's Journey" by Kelly DiPucchio & Richard Egielski. Lady Liberty gets tired of standing on her pedestal and decides to walk across the country to see how people have been doing since she welcomed them into the United States. The story does a good job of describing the landscape while she is crossing the country. For example, "amber waves of grain" is mentioned. She doesn't end up interacting with as many children as I'd like, but I realize that you can't drag a children's book out too long. The "natives" just get too restless. All in all, a very cute book for those of you who happen to have a child with an appreciation of the Statue of Liberty.


Maria said...

Obviously I need to find one of those foam Statue of Liberty crowns (child's Small) before I drive down for Thanksgiving.

Chris and Kimberlee said...

If you would like to receive the title, "World's Best Aunt". Then, yes.

Maria said...

I was under the impression I already held that title. Guess I better represent then.