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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whew! What a weekend.

We fit so much into this weekend, I think I'm going to need several days to post it all. Gymnastics, Pumpkin Patch, Birthday Party and Halloween Party oh my! We also fit some other errands in there too - don't ask me how, it was all a delightful blur.

Hannah is doing really well in gymnastics. She seems to have started getting the basic idea around balance and jumping. Her arms and legs seem to have gotten stronger. I promise I will try and get better pictures of Hannah in action, but my camera is a P.O.S. I'm just sayin'.

We woke up Saturday morning to some really grumpy weather. It was overcast and rainy pretty much all morning. There were even a couple of thunderstorms to contend with. But we were determined to go pumpkin picking with our church. All the kids were such troopers. If anything, you could say we had the place to ourselves. And we got some really nice (and muddy) pumpkins.

Right after the pumpkin patch we stopped at the house to change out of our wet clothes into appropriate birthday party attire. Then we were off!

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