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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A note to Santa

Have I mentioned that Hannah is a planner? That's my girl. Anyway, here we are in early October and she is already thinking of Christmas. Out of the blue this week Hannah announced that she wants to write a note to Santa and tell him what she would like for Christmas. Care to guess what she wants? You will NEVER guess. Here are the drawings...

And here is my drawing to give her some guidance. Have you guessed yet?

That's right! A spork. Do not ask me why. The best we have been able to figure involves two theories:

Theory One: There is a really cute scene in the movie "WALL•E" that involves a spork.
Theory Two: When Hannah is eating macaroni and cheese (which unfortunately is too often) she seems to be torn between a fork (for spearing the noodles) or a spoon (for scooping the noodles). I think we may have mentioned that a spork would be perfect - although we did not realize that she had put two and two together. Smarty Pants.

So as the "wonderful" mother I am, I am on a quest to find the most awesomest spork ever. Stop rolling your eyes, because I found this:

What is THAT, you say? Why it is the most coolest spork EVER. You too can get one! Just go to Light My Fire. They come in 19, yes thats 19, colors and TITANIUM. Oh yeah.

1 comment:

Maria said...

I totally got "place setting" from her drawings - she's getting really good!

That is truly the greatest spork on Earth.