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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Jeep

Two weeks before our wedding in 1996 we decided, in our infinite naive wisdom, to buy a new car. I can't remember why we bought a Jeep - I think Chris wanted one. On the night we bought the car, the dealership took our picture and gave us a calendar with the picture at the top. For whatever reason, I kept the picture. Maybe because I liked the boots.

What was one of the worst financial decisions we made turned out to be a solid long term investment. We had the Jeep for just over fourteen years and over two hundred thousand miles. She was very good to us on many trips from NJ to NC. We were asking the Jeep gods to help her last just a little bit longer and they said "ahhhh, nope". She now has a knock in the engine and it is just a matter of time before the engine will need to be replaced. So we bought a new-used car and put a "for sale" on our Jeep in driveway. She lasted 24 hours.

We asked the new owners if they wouldn't mind taking a picture of us in front of our Jeep just one last time. She is going to a very good home where they will "pimp her out". Thanks for lasting as long as you did.

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