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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What did the mirror say to the dresser?

"I can see your drawers". Snort.

This is long overdue, but I wanted to share a before and after example of part of our downstairs bathroom remodel. I will give a shout out to Ma-ee-aa who helped me paint this dresser last summer. Bet you wish you could post a comment now huh?

Anyway, here are the "before" shots of the dresser. Please ignore the "garage-so-full-we-could-qualify-to-be-on-"Hoarders".

Quick sidenote: I was so proud that we were able to find the perfect dresser for this project in one try. Chris and I went to Clines Country Antiques (famous junking spot that luckily we live near) armed with sunscreen, bug spray, a flash light, and measurements. To see this place is to believe it, imagine barns and trailers and buildings full of piles and piles of various pieces of antique furniture and equipment and such stacked to the rafters. To us this is heaven.

The dresser came with a mirror that some unsuspecting tween placed a large horse sticker on. Bless.

And here is the after! We added black paint, a mix of antique and new hardware and a sink. I lined the drawers with some cool wrapping paper from Goosey Press. Ain't it cute?

More on the rest of this bathroom remodel to come... eventually. Oh come on, you know me - this is going to take awhile.


paula :: plays with mud said...

omgosh - that is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Chris and Kimberlee said...

Thanks! I was glad I could convince Chris to let me paint it black. It took about one hundred coats of paint, but totally worth it. :-)