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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Quick Break from the Cute

My apologies but I had to share this gem of a picture that I secretly took while at one of the museums in DC. We were walking past what could easily be described as a child just beside herself with anger screaming and pulling away from her mother (I assume) in the middle of the museum. The child leash immediately caught my attention and seemed to be part of the child's frustration. A couple of things I found interesting about this scene:
- the disinterested stance of the woman
- the fact that the woman and child are in the middle of the museum - not near an exit or a restroom
- the child leash has cute teddy bears on it

I have never been a big fan of the child leash, nor have I had to contemplate the purchase of a child leash. I was just surprised that this woman was okay with letting this child FLIP OUT in the middle of museum and not attempting to calm her, correct her or at minimum take her outside.

As they say in the South, bless.

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