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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!

Saturday was Hannah's friend from school, Katie, birthday party. It was a ballerina theme. Katie was even dressed like a ballerina. Hannah has been excited about her party since last Thursday. Every morning she would wake up and say "Is it Katie's birthday?". So she was beside herself with excitement when it actually WAS Katie's birthday. The party was the perfect size for Katie - about 6 kids. Katie is a shy little girl, so I think a large party would have overwhelmed her.

Pssst... Can I tell you a secret? Chris and I were VERY curious about Katie's Dad. We have NEVER seen him either pick or drop off Katie and he has not come to either one of Hannah's birthday parties. We have never seen him at the school-sponsored events either. So we were hopeful that we would finally get to meet him at the party. And we did meet him at the party... sort of. We were the first to arrive and he shook Chris's hand and said "Hello" and that was the LAST THING HE SAID THE ENTIRE PARTY... TO ANYONE (at least that I saw). He spent himself on Chris! What a waste. Now I see where Katie gets her shyness from. Mystery solved.

Hannah got her face painted (blue heart on one cheek and a yellow soccer ball on the other cheek), tried to paint Daddy's face, played "stick the nose on Elmo", played with a ballerina slipper pinata, ate pizza & cake and danced her heart out. Hannah had ballerinarific time!

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