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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is a pirate's favorite letter?


Hannah was a pirate for Halloween. A couple of weeks ago she said she wanted to be a pirate, a ballerina or a princess. I thought the pirate was by far the most original of the group so I ahem... gently pushed her towards pirate. Besides she is a princess every day and she has enough tutus to choke a horse. I think I had it in the bag when she found out that a sword was involved. A girl has got to have a weapon.

Our first Halloween event was at our local church. Hannah demonstrated how you play "Bob for Apples".
Step one: dunk your head in the bucket once. Make sure you get your entire head wet. It might not be a bad idea to NOT breathe through your nose.

Step two: Quickly remove head to avoid drowning.

Step three: Cry. Loudly.

Step four: Receive apple out of pity.

She also got her face painted again - look familiar?

In the end, Hannah danced, ran around, played bingo and consumed enough sugar to last her until next Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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