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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Circus

The day after Halloween was the day the Shriner's Circus came to town. "Papa" is a Shriner, so we know that the money for the show goes to a very good cause. Hannah went last year with Grandma and Papa and from what they tell me, Hannah slept through most of the show and did NOT like the clowns. This year, Hannah stayed awake but she still did not like the clowns. I really can't blame her. Every since I read the book "It" by Stephen King, clowns just are not the same to me. And don't even get me started on John Wayne Gacey... but I digress.

I think she really enjoyed the show. She contently sat on Papa's lap eating popcorn for most of the show. At the intermission, they invited the crowd to go down to the stage level to ride the elephant, ride the ponies, get your face painted, slide down the big inflatable slide or get your picture taken with the bear (there was a piece of plexiglass between you and the bear). All of these attractions cost additional money (of course) and thankfully we did not have enough cash with us to afford any of them. Besides, I'm not sure we would let her do most of them even if we did have the money. The elephant ride and the bear photo scenarios reminded me of those "Animals Gone Wild" shows, the inflatable slide was huge and I was afraid Hannah would get run over, and the ponies did NOT look happy. Maybe we would have gotten her face painted. I hate to be an over-protective mother, but I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry. So we took her picture in front of most the attractions, just to prove we were there.

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