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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Saylor!

Can you tell that we have been to a lot of birthday parties lately? It seems like very weekend is occupied with one party or another. Hannah seems to have been enjoying her busy social calendar and I am getting some perspective on how other parents handle their children's parties. Saylor's birthday party was this weekend. Hannah was NOT in a social mood - she spent most of the party in Saylor's room playing with her toys. She didn't even want to "help" Saylor open her presents. Once we got her outside, she was very content playing at the sand table while the other kids ran back and forth from the castle to the bouncy house. I think that since she has her own mind and is content to sit back is a good thing. Maybe she wasn't feeling well or maybe going to so many birthday parties has finally caught up to her. Towards the end of the party we did get her in the bouncy house for about three minutes - I took as many blurry pictures as I could.

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