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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Diva Meltdown Cute

We went to Hannah's dress rehearsal last Saturday. I was concerned about buying enough tickets, getting Hannah in costume and getting her pictures all while keep an eye on Cole. So thankfully my Mom offered to come with me. BTW, Chris was home working on the bathroom - a saga for another day.

So my mind was preoccupied with being in the right place at the right time. Everything I had to do involved waiting in line and then "go here" and "wait there" - all accompanied by the chaotic hum of screaming little girls in the background. Ahhhhh. So it never occurred to me that Hannah could have a diva meltdown on stage. Why would it? She was on stage earlier in the week without incident, she loves the costume and let's not forget she is a ham. But no, the stars were not in line for Hannah. She told me later that she just "didn't want to be on stage". Uhhh yeah, I got that.

We practiced the finale first with all of the PreDance groups on stage. Hannah did okay. She did some of the moves and even smiled a little. But she didn't seem like herself. After the finale, we had to wait through two other PreDance groups before it was Hannah's turn again, and I asked her what was wrong. She said she was hungry - no problem, I can fix that! We got some peanut butter crackers and she INHALED them. So, I'm thinking "good, now she will perk up". But no. The devil was in those peanut butter crackers and once Hannah got on stage again, all bets were off.

She sat...

She cried...

And finally just ignored everything around her.

O. M. G. And for the icing on this delicious diva meltdown cake, Hannah whispers as they are walking off stage, "I have to go potty." complete with the international "I have to go potty" stance. So I think "If she has an accident how am I going to wash the costume, do I have dry clean it? Will I get it back from the dry cleaners in time? WAIT - WE STILL HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES!!!" So I grab her off the stage while telling the teacher the situation, and RUN to the bathroom. Thankfully I got her there in time. Whew.

So the rest of the dress rehearsal went without incident - although who am I kidding all we had to do was wait in line for pictures and when it comes to pictures, Hannah is a pro. She even requested the prop umbrella to the photographer, she knows what she wants in a picture. So at least the pictures will turn out okay. We are now wondering if enrolling her in another year of PreDance was a good idea. I think we will wait and see. But as far as the recital, I'm going to watch with two hands over my eyes like I am watching a horror movie. Think happy thoughts next Saturday for us.


Kim said...

She looks adorable in her costume! And yes the Cute always outshines any Diva Meltdown in my opinion =)

Maria said...

Yes, so cute! I'd bet the meltdown was caused by her having to go potty and putting all of her mental energy into not having an accident. Do not panic. All dance recitals at this age feature at least a few:

1. standing stock still paralyzed with stage fright

2. sitting down through the whole thing

3. executing entire routine perfectly, but facing the back

4. running offstage to puke

If she still wants to go to classes, don't worry about it.

Ashley said...

We'll be thinking HAPPY THOUGHTS! She's definitely still TOTALLY ADORABLE!! The costumes are very fab. I wish we could be there to see it and no matter what happens - just smile and take LOTS of pics. We can't wait to hear all about it!