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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Supa Star!

She did it! Thank you everyone for all of your positive thoughts! She did it! She did great onstage and did more of the moves than I ever remember seeing her do. She even mouthed and motioned the words "I love you", which of course made me blubber like a baby. No meltdowns, just an awesome cutey-patooty performance.

All week I have been hyping up her "dance show" (the word "recital" just didn't seem to make sense to her) with the promise of a lollipop if she was a "good dancer". Since her music is Minnie Mouse's remake of Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey" - we've been singing the song all week too. We even picked out her special lollipop and I kept reminding her what she needed to so to get the lollipop. And of course, the first thing she asked me when I got to her onstage was "Where is my lollipop?" She knew she nailed it.

During the finale, she kept holding her hand up to her forehead and scanning the crowd for us. We waved and waved, but she never saw us. Maybe next year we should make a banner? Just kidding... or am I?

After the recital, we had just a little cake and goodies to celebrate. My Mom was kind enough to pick up the delicious cake. Thank you Mom! We all thought it was funny the way they spelled the word "Hey". Ahhhh, the country.

Thank you again for all your positive vibes and I hope we will be able to upload the movie once we get a copy from the dance studio.



Ashley said...

Definitely a Supa Star!!! I love it! Way to go Hannah!

We love ya,
The Kittrells

What's wrong with heay? Doesn't eaverybody add eaxtra vowels to eaverything? Too funny!

Kim said...

Yay Hannah! Of COURSE you're a super star =)


Maria said...

That's my girl! Good job, everyone!

paula :: plays with mud said...

omgosh! how much do i love that pic of her with the lollipop and her flowers. definitely a little princess!