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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Open the Door, Get on the Floor...

Everybody do the Dinosaur!

Hannah had a mental list of dinosaurs that she wanted to see. Although I'm not sure she didn't change it based on the dinosaur bones that were in front of her at every turn. She did say at one point that she wanted to see seven dinosaurs. But again, she's five, so we'll give her some slack.

The good news is is that she saw way more than seven. And posed differently in front of each one. The girl's got range. This pose is called "Ain't I a Stinker?".

And this pose is "There is a WHAT behind me??"

And this is Hannah's "Blue Steel" pose or "Hey look my Mom's hair is turning grey!" or "Eat your heart out Kai-lan".

Here are some pretty pictures of Central Park on our way back.

See I told you it was beautiful.

My two favorite people...

... and quite literally the center of everything. At least MY everything.

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