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Sunday, July 27, 2008

CCAI Reunion in Knoxville, part one

We had a wonderful weekend. We left our home on Friday night and arrived in Knoxville around 1:00am (thank you traffic, and thank you Mapquest... not!). We got up on Saturday morning around 8:30am and headed to the Marketplace in downtown Knoxville. We got lucky because they were having a farmers market in the square. Hannah got to play in the fountains and hold a butterfly. She wasn't sure about the butterfly - I think she liked it better when I was holding it. Then we walked over to the park that was created for the Worlds Fair back in 1982. They built a really nice park with an amphitheater, river and fountains. They were setting up for an Irish festival, so it was nice to see alot of activity. I think I took some pretty decent pictures of the Sun Sphere. This picture that I took of Hannah on the rock surprised me. She did that pose all by herself - doesn't she look older?
Next stop: Pictures at the zoo.

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