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Sunday, July 06, 2008

swimming pool and choo choo

In other words a full weekend for Hannah. A couple weeks ago we happened upon a small town's craft festival complete with a train and pony rides. Hannah did not seem to be interested in the pony but was all for the train. And no, I do not know the kid that was waving at me in the picture - thanks kid. After the ride with Daddy, the train people offered for Hannah to ride the hand crank "train" that the kid's could crank the handles and ride alone. Hannah was much faster at going backwards than forwards.
Later that day, we broke out the new small pool we bought to replace the hole-ladden one from last year. We were still working on Hannah's playroom (painting trim) so I made a workzone with chalk reading "CAUTION WET PAINT" and to just be fair I made sign in front of Hannah's pool reading "CAUTION WET HANNAH". What a mischevious look Hannah has in this picture - she is up to something. Overall a great weekend.


Maria said...

So envious of that pool! I can't wait to hear about the birthday party (as well as catch up on everything else)!

Hannah is mischievous like her parents! Miss you guys tons!

paula :: plays with mud said...

soo cute!