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Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally, 7 Interesting Things About Myself

Paula from http://www.playswithmud tagged me back in February. Wow, I am SLOW. Anyway, I need to tell you seven interesting things about myself. While this sounds like it should be easy, I found it really hard to come up with 7 interesting things, so I'll go for the "seven somewhat unusual things about me". Here goes:

I have eight toenails. Ten perfectly (ahem.. croaked) normal toes, but both of my pinky toes have what looks like tiny "seeds" sticking out. They are about the size of a sesame seed. It is what I imagine our finger and toenails look like when we are still in the womb. And no, I don't get a discount when I get a pedicure, which I only started getting a few years ago... because I was embarrassed about my freaky toes.

I was highly allergic to citric acid as a kid. If I had just a little bit of it, I would swell up and start to swallow my own tongue - nice. Citric acid is in EVERYTHING. So I was the annoying kid at your birthday party that asked "Is this cake lemon? I can't have it." or "Is that Hawaiian Punch? I can't drink that." It wasn't until COLLEGE that I tried an orange. It's funny, people talk about experimenting in college, but I don't think they are talking about fruit. Thankfully I just grew out of the allergy.

I hate peanut butter and jelly. The thought of the two textures together makes my stomach turn. I've only made a couple PBNJ sandwiches in my life and I think they both were for Chris. Awwwhhhh, that's love. Needless to say Hannah has not had a PBNJ sandwich yet.

I love green bananas. I like the metallic taste they have. Once a banana gets one black spot (even if it is a small one) I am out.

If I eat pizza for dinner, I have bad dreams that night. Pizza for lunch does not have the same affect. So invariably I will go a while before I eat pizza again for dinner, and then over time, I will forget about the nightmares and eat pizza. And then I wake up in a cold sweat at about 2:00am and I remember all over again.

When I was a kid, a bicycle almost cut my right foot off. I was riding double on a bicycle without any shoes on. I was sitting on the bicycle's seat while a friend was pedaling while standing up. She went over some bumps and I immediately pulled my feet under myself to catch my balance and I put my right foot directly. into. the. spokes. of. the. moving. bicycle. Cold shiver anyone?
Anyway, the next thing I remember is watching my Mother come running from down the street towards me while I lay on the ground. She looked so far away. The spokes came very close to severing the tendon, but I was lucky. Now I just have a long scar that wraps around my heel. Another reason why I was hesitant to get a pedicure. Oh, and before I forget - the last thing my Mom told me as I left the house that day was to put some shoes on. Yes, that's right kids, always listen to your Mother.

I believe I have mild psychic ability. Not anything truly helpful, but every once in a while I will get a feeling. Not a vision, but its more like a nagging thought. A perfect example is that a few years ago Chris and I spent the evening in Atlantic City while on an antiquing trip (this was of course before Hannah). In order to check in to the hotel we had to walk through the casino. While walking past a current bank of 25 cent slots, I had a feeling. It was like "you should play one of those slot machines". Simple as that. The next night, we had some extra time to kill so we did a little gambling. I did not immediately go to the beckoning machines - and quickly lost most of my money. I gave in and went to one of the machines and proceeded to win about $400. Coincidence?

Well, that's it. I hope this post proved to be at least somewhat interesting.


Maria said...

How is it that I've known you for 23 years and only knew 3 of these? I know lots of other interesting things, though, I guess.

Also, how is it that I've known you for 23 years?! WE = OLD.

paula :: plays with mud said...

Thanks for playing finally. j/k. I knew none of these about you, except for your psychic ability, but you already knew that :)