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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CCAI Reunion in Knoxville, part two

Our hotel was not far from the hotel, so after a quick rest we headed to the zoo to check in. I think the zoo is smaller than the Asheboro zoo - but that was perfect because it was hot and we only had three hours before the reunion party.

Rhinoceros's, Meerkats and Sheep - Oh my!
Isn't the first picture weird? It looks like Hannah is in the middle of some psychedelic rock poster from the 70s. Or maybe it's the acid I took in college just rearing its ugly head again... oops was that outloud? Anyway, Hannah made some friends in the Jefferson Airplane tunnel and then off we went to find more animals. The meerkats seemed to like her, the rhino couldn't care less and the sheep just hung out. I think all of the animals were too tired and hot to care. Tough day to be in a cage.

Hannah was a good sport despite the heat and uncooperative animals. I had to take this picture of another little girl wearing the exact same outfit. Who do you think wears it better? Yeah, me too (but we are biased).

The last two pictures just show how neither of us can get a decent picture on the merry-go-round. And Hannah gave us PLENTY of opportunity. The reunion event included free carousel rides. We rode the thing about five times. I'd like to think its the camera, but maybe it is us. Sigh.

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paula :: plays with mud said...

she's getting so big!!! and adorable as ever. thank you too for the sweet card and crayons for the O Show. I haven't gotten my butt in gear to write a thank you card ... how about a thank you comment? :)