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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Playroom Project

Here are the "before" pictures. These were taken before we moved in (even before we closed on the house). Everything was wood paneling... and I mean EVERYTHING. And everything that couldn't be covered with wood paneling was painted to look like - you guessed it - WOOD PANELING. Candice Olson would have thrown up. I hope the end result would have made her proud.

And here are the "after" pictures. We completely gutted the room and put up insulation, stripped the ceiling and mantel of that pesky lead paint. We removed the small closet and had two built-in cabinets made by a local carpenter. We installed new windows, a stained glass window, recessed lighting and a beautiful French light fixture. Oh and let me not forget the GIANT FLAT SCREEN TV. You think it is a little much for a child's playroom? Yeah, me too. But it makes Hannah's Daddy happy. We also moved one of the interior walls about 2 feet into the room to make more room for the downstairs bathroom on the other side of the wall. That will come in handy when we start that project. Anyway, we finally finished her playroom the morning of Hannah's third birthday. Whew!

The deconstruction of our home will commence again in a few weeks, but for the meantime, we are enjoying not having to paint, scrub, wire, cut, build, install, nail, screw, scrape, sand, stain and peel anything right now.



Maria said...

Holy crap - you can't even tell it's the same space! What an amazing job, you guys. It's so beautiful, and not just the flat-screen! Bravo!

paula :: plays with mud said...

that looks amazing!!