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Friday, August 20, 2010

Four Wheelin' in the Mountains

Chris's department at work had a mini-retreat scheduled a couple of weekends ago in the mountains. We figured it was a nice opportunity to take Cole with us to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

We finally got our new camera (thanks Uncle Billy!) and I brought it with us to play around with some of the fancy-schmancy settings. Here are some of the shots I took.

Ain't she cute? I wonder why her hair looks wavy in this shot. Maybe the lack of pollution in the air made her hair kink up?

Of course, Chris could NOT resist taking the kids out on the four wheeler.

You see, Chris grew up in the... ahem... WOODED part of New Jersey. Wooded and remote if you get my drift. Four wheelers were practically a class in school for him. Which is why he just had to take the kids out on one.

He'd love to buy one for himself, you know Kim for hauling big branches and stuff..., yeah whatever. Like he hauls a lot of branches. Nice try.

Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Thankfully it does not go very fast, otherwise I'd be a nervous wreck.

Let's hope he does not run me over. By the way, this is when I had to switch to my old camera. The card on the my new camera was filled up. Sigh.

This is as fast as Chris got. And of course Hannah is happy as a lark. Little speed demon.

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