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Monday, August 09, 2010

Hannah's 5th Birthday Party

My apologies that this post was such a long time coming - I did not realize how many pictures I took at the reunion. Anyway, here's the birthday girl all dolled up for the luau.

This party was a major team effort, from the decor to the wardrobe and the balloons to the food & cake, and big hug and huge thanks to everyone that helped!

We even put the birthday girl to work.

Bouncy Castle in full effect. That's just how we roll.

Of course she's wearing a grass skirt... why would she wear anything else? Who are you thinking you're dealing with here? I even made Cole change into a hawaiian shirt.

On the party invitations I added a reminder to bring a bathing suit. I didn't say it was a pool party, but I could see how one could make that assumption. However, our pool is small. I asked for the bathing suits because two of the games I had planned involved water. This didn't stop a few of kids to take me aside point at our little pool and say "Is THAT the pool?". And I had to sadly nod "yes". Wow, nothing like a couple 6 year olds to take you down a peg. Sigh.

One of the games was a duck game. Before the party I had a mental plan of how this was going to go. Then a mob of children came running towards the pool at the same time and things had to change. FAST.

Thankfully I had (barely) enough prizes to go around so that each child could play individually. Basically they had 10 seconds to scoop up as many ducks as they could. And since I am evil, I asked a few of kids to do it with their eyes closed... just for fun. hee hee

And look, Maison scooped them all up. Showoff. :-)

Next was the water balloon toss. Since I lost my voice counting to ten about 30 times during the duck game, it was Daddy's turn. Besides a water balloon toss seems more like a guy thing anyway.

While the game quickly fell apart, Chris did a good job of getting the kids organized. We just had some older kids who knew the drill in the front of line and that's where things went a little haywire.

At least the little kids will have some type of basic knowledge of what a water balloon toss is. Maybe we'll try again next year.

After the water balloon toss, it was on to the mountain of presents. We decided to do the gift opening outside, just in case any of the guests hadn't suffered from heat stroke yet. ;-)

Then it was cake time! The sand castle was a big hit. An even bigger hit was the sea shells made out of chocolate! Mmmmmm.

I just love Hannah's expression in this picture. Sheepish little thing.

Make a wish, now blow out the candles!

This is one of favorites pictures from the day. This is Chris's Dad hosing down some of the kids after the party started to wind down.

Man, I'm tired just from recapping this party. I guess I've got to start planning next year's party... now.

1 comment:

Maria said...

I'm telling you, next year: pizza and bowling. I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures. (Of which I have none, never even broke out my camera the whole trip.)

Or, alternatively, just skip to the water balloon fight and cake. Those were the best parts.