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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Reunion 2010, Part Four

Day four started with some spontaneous face painting. The caterer had a secret face painting talent on top of the delicious food she served. How lucky are we?

We thought looked like Gene Simmons with her bangs tied up so we asked her to do "rock n roll".

Anya and Anna picked beautiful butterflies for their faces too.

Laurie brought this old child-sized rick shaw for the girls to take pictures in. I swear that woman thought of everything!

After a quick chess game, it was time for the red couch picture version 2010.

The girls (as usual) seemed to be vaguely interested in the whole production.

Then we tried to get some group shots on the rick shaw.

Hannah wanted to keep her butterfly on as long as possible. So we left it on most of the afternoon. After the chinese photo shoot we went on a very quick boat ride (since the weather was starting to look a little gloomy).

Hey, who let Hannah drive?

Doesn't Chris look handsome?

This is my favorite picture of Anna and her Mommy.

The Davis family on a boat.

Anya got to drive.

And Anna did too!

After the boat ride, we got the girls ready for a fashion show/birthday party for the girls. Since most of the girls birthdays are around the same time of year, wouldn't it be nice to have a mini birthday party. Again, I told you Laurie thought of EVERYTHING.

Apparently, Hannah did not enjoy her cupcake.

Yes, Hannah has a little makeup on. Calm down Daddy, it was just for the fashion show.

Cute Girls aka "China's Angels".

The birthday party/fashion show turned into an impromptu talent show. Sorry I didn't get pictures of that. Suffice to say, it was a very busy day. And Hannah passed out accordingly.

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