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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Consignment, oh how I love thee

Hi, my name is Kim and I am consignoholic.

I am addicted to consignment sales. The season is upon us. In fact, I kicked off the season last weekend. I do not need clothes. I do not need anymore toys. I do not need bottles, backpacks or bibs. I have a room full of them. And still I go. I wake up very early to go. I LOVE the smell of a consignment sale in the morning. Smells like... Peg Perego!

Since we have had a HUGE amount of time to get ready for Hannah and I WAS a girlscout, I have been buying for years now. Always be prepared! I must say, we have gotten some amazing deals along the way. Our baby's furniture was purchased at a community yard sale. Not consignment, but close enough for my addiction. It is in excellent condition. Almost all of Hannah's clothes are consignment (mostly 6-12 months, but that's another story). We've even bought formula at consignment shops (I've checked the dates and they are not past expiration - nice try ;-).

I think I like it because of the BARGAIN FACTOR. I am SAVING MONEY. Aren't I a SMART CONSUMER? Well, maybe not. If I am spending money on things that I really don't need, or my daughter won't use, how is that a bargain? Ahhhh but wait - don't forget the beauty of re-consigning your previous purchases. If you are a savvy consignor, and can spot a Gymboree label at fifty paces, you could stand to make a little profit for yourself. Children's consignment is such a huge enterprise in our area that there is practically a sale each weekend from now until October. My first venture into the re-consigning world is coming soon.

But how can you re-consign when you haven't even gone to China yet? Good question! I bought too many 3-6 month clothes and even some 0-3 (don't ask, I don't know why either) and some boy-stuff since Hannah is Hannah. We shall see if my so-called fancy label scouting turns any kind of profit. Honestly, if I make $10.00 - I'll be happy.


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