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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pictures of Hannah's Room

Since we have finally received our referral, we figured that now is a good time to finish the epic project of Hannah's nursery. We are pleased to share the pictures with you and hope you like it as much as we hope Hannah will. Now its time to finish the rest of the house. Ha ha ha.

Since we had a decent amount of time on our hands, we took on alot of little projects in Hannah's room. It seems like everytime we look at something, we see something else we can add. I was inspired by a stripe pattern found in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog about a year and a half ago (you can see the boxes underneath the changing table). I duplicated the stripe on the wall at a large scale. We kept the pattern to one wall this time, since we tried this technique in our previous house and it just was too much of a good thing. :) Each remaining wall is painted with one of the colors from the stripe. For those of you who know me, you may have wondered: where is Pooh? I am a huge vintage Winnie-the-Pooh collector and it would be a natural to decorate Hannah's room that way. Chris and I didn't want a "theme" room, especially since we haven't met Hannah yet, we did not want to impose a theme upon her (although the chances are that she will hate Winnie the Pooh are extremely slim. I mean, who can hate Pooh?) We are giving her a happy, fun room that she can change as she wishes. As you can see the closet is filled with delightful outfits for Hannah, an alarming majority are 6-12 months old. Side note here: if you see me buying 6-12 month baby clothes, please snatch them out of my hand and quickly walk away. I will try to talk you out of it - do not listen. I have a problem and I am seeking help. The image of my daughter wearing rags when she is 12-18 month size is starting to do the trick.

There are windows on two of the walls (pink wall & green wall) so we alternated the curtain color with the wall color. The windows are brand new, top-of-the-line from Pella and are painted a creamy white to match the trim. We applied these cool flower wallpaper-like decals to the walls - I think the white looks pretty sharp against the wall color. I am a huge children's book fan, my fondest memories are ones with my mother reading me stories, singing songs and going to the library. So I featured some books on these picture ledges and plan to rotate them as Hannah's tastes change. We bought the alphabet cards because I really love the animal illustrations on them. Chris made a little ledge out of chair rail to top off the stripes and give the cards a place to sit.

We plan to use the rocking chair to read in every night. The rocking chair came from Chris's Mom so it will be a very sentimental spot. We are in the process of adding tie-backs and blinds to the windows. The tiebacks and the entry doorknob match and are glass flowers from Anthropology - BTW an awesome store. The pink paper lanterns are from the historic society's Japanese Tea that we attended last summer with Chris's Mom. It is a very nice memory from her visit and I'm glad we kept them.

This last picture shows the rest of the room and the mysterious high window. If you look closely, the narrow window on the far right is at the same height as the large window, but for some reason the narrow window on the left is ALOT higher up on the wall. Freaky huh? We think it might have something to do with the original porch's roof pitch,etc. I love the querky details of our home.

Thanks for looking at Hannah's room. She can't wait to have you over for a visit.

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vici said...

you guys have been busy! kim I am glad that you have finally started to face your addiction - the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem :) Hannah is in great hands! I can't wait to meet her!!!!!