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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why can't I find this product?

Just to give you some insight into my crazy type-A existence... I have been looking for this product for the last three weeks. Why, you may ask? Because I read it on someone's recommended packing list and now it has to be the bain of my existence. I've looked in every kind of grocery, big lot and kitchen & bath stores in our area. Where is it? Doesn't Dawn want to sell this product? Does Dawn have something against North Carolina? Is this another product that I can't get here like Barq's rootbeer? And since I can't find it, it makes me want the darn things even more.

Has anyone seen this product? Or have you used it? Do they even work well? Please stop me before go and buy it online and pay more for shipping than the stupid tub is worth.


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Tiffany said...

Hi Kim! We MUST be traveling together - TG 947?? If you add your e-mail address to the address book on our site(which no one can view but me), I can e-mail you and give you the info on the yahoo group for our travel group and Shangrao. I couldn't tell from your blog if Hannah is a "Ling" girl or a "Rao" girl, but she's in the same chairs as the other girls so I think she must be a "Ling" like Audrey. Would love to talk to you! And BTW, Hannah is adorable and your blog cracked me up! Tiffany Reynolds