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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Locked & Loaded

It has been an eventful week - we received approval for our frequent flier mile travel, our Chinese visas, our in-China travel itinerary and Hannah's lap ticket for the return flights back to the US. Everytime I wanted to post a new development, something else came in the mail! Here's a little bit of what I know thus far:
We found out that there are 12 families traveling in our group (a nice large size). Not all have daughters in the same orphanage, but I think we are spread out between just two orphanages that are not that far apart.

Our itinerary is as follows:
April 19th: Leave for China (connection through Chicago)
April 20th: Arrive in Hong Kong
April 20th - April 23rd: Rest & Tour in Hong Kong
April 23rd: Leave for Nanchang province, fill out more paperwork and RECEIVE HANNAH!
April 24th: Adoption Registration, Notarization & Passport Application (takes five days to receive passport)
April 24th - April 30th: Relaxing, Touring, Loving, Hugging, Playing, Feeding, Changing, Sleeping (yea right) with HANNAH
April 27th - Receive Notarized Documents (fingers crossed that they are correct)
April 28th - Receive HANNAH's passport (fingers double-crossed that it is correct)
April 30th: Leave for Guangzhou
April 30th - May 6th: Stay at the famous White Swan Hotel
May 3rd: HANNAH's physical & visa photo taken
May 4th: Consulate appointment
May 5th:Take the oath at the U.S. Consulate
May 6th: Leave for Hong Kong
May 7th: Leave Hong Kong for the U.S.
May 8th: Arrive home with HANNAH!!!!!!

That's what we know so far!


Ashley said...

We are so incredibly excited! I just wish we had a hidden camera we could pack with ya'll to capture every moment!! We love ya'll!

vici said...

That's just two weeks!!!!!Can you believe it is FINALLY here? I can't wait to see little Hannah Bug!