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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Goodie Box to China

Since things have sped up recently we figured it would be a good idea to get the goodie box we were preparing out so it gets to China BEFORE we do. We included a pink stuffed bunny, blue blanket, photo book with some pictures of us, small plastic rings, disposable camera, socks (we heard that this orphanage needs them) and candy for the nannies.We have been sleeping with the pink bunny and small blue blanket ever since we got our referral. That way it will have our scents and, of course pet hair.

Speaking of pet hair here comes Domino...Hey Kitty. Wait, wait please don't lay there, I am trying to pack the box.

Yes, I am talking to YOU! Who else do I call "Domino"? Get! Shoo! Yes, you are a handsome cat but you have to move... Oh no, wait not you too... well there goes my productivity for the day, I guess I'll finish it tomorrow.

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