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Monday, April 03, 2006

Hannah Update

We got an update on Hannah that we were not expecting! The photos & measurements were taken on March 10, 2006.

Her height is now: 25.5 inches (up from 23.62 inches)
Her weight is now: 15.8 lbs (up from 12.39 lbs)

She is sitting and standing, however, she is not walking or talking yet. (we're sure that will change:) She has been in foster care almost all of her life and she sleeps in a crib by herself. She does not have any teeth yet. That means that we have not missed her first words or first steps. Isn't that wonderful?



vici said...

she is soooo beautiful!!! that is really great that you wont miss those important first. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Maria said...

Lord, is she ever adorable. And so tiny - I can't wait to see her and just eat her up! Happy Birthday indeed, Chris!