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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bath & Beyond

Before I forget to mention it, for whatever reason we haven't been able to see the comments section of the blog. One of our adoption buddies was kind enough to let me use their computer to read them and thank you so much! We hope that we can see them in Guanghzou, but who knows! If not, we'll have to borrow Mike's computer again. Thanks Mike!

This morning started out with a bath in the inflatable tub. This time it went much smoother. I think it was a combination of Hannah knowing us better and the tub seems to surround her more closely and she didn't slip as much. We all went to the local police station to pick up the girl's passports. Then we got a chance to shop for procelain and then lunch. Hannah is such a patient girl - won't that come in handy during antique shopping? - she just watches and takes it all in. This evening we got to go to another section of town for some cheap baby shopping and we took some pictures of the crowd we drew every time we stopped. We were told that the Chinese do not hide their curiousity. Most of the people were nice and we got alot of thumbs up and "lucky baby"s. Hannah got to try her first piece of chicken and her first french fry from McDonalds - I think she liked the chicken better. After a hair-raising taxi ride home, we are safe and sound and ready to start all over tomorrow.

I think I mentioned to a few of you the mystery of split pants in China. All of the children in China wear split pants and no diapers. They are held over a potty chair and they just... go. Most are potty trained very early. Hannah has done fine with the diapers and never showed any interest in going back to the potty chair (the hotel supplied one for us in the room). I wanted to include a photo of the split pants in action. I find it interesting that the Chinese are so concerned about bundling their children so heavily yet their sweet little bottoms are hanging out all day long.

I meant to also include in yesterday's post, the calligraphy poster we had made. In the picture, I tried to show what characters mean what. We'll have to get it framed and hang it in the hallway.

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Leah Shoemaker said...

Remember me? Leah Shoemaker. I have been reading your blog, made possible by your employee, Kristin!
I have heard about your journey for a while now and I think it is so special! It has made me shed a tear or two. I am very happy for you and your husband. I would love to meet your beautiful daughter, Hannah, one day! Good Luck with everything and I will continue to watch and learn about her!! Happy Anniversary.

St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

Hi guys,
You certainly are learning a lot about a very different culture and possibly, that despite the differences, their are many similarities. Our humaness trancends our differences. Just looh at the smile on Hannah Mei's face. It's a universal language!
Pastor John

vici said...

ok so its been said before but....GIVE CHRIS THE CAMERA!!! He shouldnt get all of the fun with Hannah while you do all the work.

I am glad you have chosen to cover up Hannah's little tushy, as cute as I'm sure it is not everyone needs to partake. I did get a good laugh at that cute little butt in the park that you caught on film. I do think it is interesting that Chris got scolded for having Hannah's legs showing, however.

about the early potty training, I just read an article on that...I'll get it to you when you get home.

glad everything went well with the passports - all systems are go!

love yas

vici said...

like I said before, I check this thing obsessively but is it my imagination or does Hannah look older already? It may just be her special personality shinning through but the "bath & beyond" pics definitely look different that the earlier ones.

Is it any wonder that she would thrive so quickly? It didnt take her long to figure out that she got two loving parents that will dote on her every whim and whimper. Isnt that how it should be after all? Children are such a blessing they deserve to be the center of your universe.

All three of you are so blessed to have each other!!!!