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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hong Kong - Day Two & Three

Just in case any of you are interested on how we filled our time on the second and third days in Hong Kong, here you go...
We went for walks in the beautiful Sha Tin Central Park and along the Shing Mun river. We saw alot of exercising in the parks - arm swinging and leg slapping. With all of the people exercising and some very vigorously - we thought it was interesting that everyone was wearing street clothes. Not a track short or sweatpant to be found.
We went to the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery - too bad they didn't tell us that it would be ten thousand steps to get to it. Ugh. When we got to the top several school girls came up to us (they were kind enough to let us catch our breaths) and asked several questions. I think they were doing a report on the monastery because they asked us "If we think this monastery is very old" and "Would we come back to this attraction". Their English was pretty good.
We went to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum - beautiful museum, wonderful exhibits, a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Our agency arranged for a day of touring the third day in Hong Kong. I think it was their way to get our minds off of the next few day's events. We visited Victoria Peak, a Jewelry factory, Stanley Market, Hong Kong harbor and finished with a dim sum lunch. We bought a jade necklace and a fresh water pearl bracelet for two of Hannah's 18 gifts. Victoria Peak offered some nice views of Hong Kong - too bad it was overcast. We got to see the largest floating restaurant in Hong Kong harbor.

Tomorrow is the big day! We are off to the Jianxi (jung-shee) Province and its capital city, Nanchang.



vici said...

you had asked gary if we could see your postings...we didnt get this one until a few minutes ago so they are posting out of order. we already had your first hannah pics and the news about her being sick.

could be the file size. dont sweat it...I am obsessed with checking this thing.

Maria said...

Yeah, what Vici said. This just showed up for me late on Tuesday morning. And alsoa bout the obsessively checking for updates.