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Thursday, April 20, 2006

We made it to Hong Kong!!!!

Our flight was looonnnngggg but uneventful. We got a cab ride to our hotel (which cost about $30 more dollars than it should - darn it) and probably the funniest part of our trip so far was hearing "that no talent a** clown, Michael Bolton" on the cab driver's CD player. We need to find an alternate way to hook up our computer (I am running on battery right now) since Chris proceeded to blow up the APC surge protector approximately five minutes after we checked in. Nice. We will be looking for an Apple store tomorrow. Thanks for all of the positive vibes you have sent our way - so far it is working! We'll be in Hong Kong for a couple of days, then we head to Nanchang to meet Hannah!
FYI - we are twelve hours ahead in China.


St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

The prayers of your church continue to be with you. Sorry Chris, but I don't think prayers coved electrical equipment. LOL I hope the following days go well. I've mentioned in tbe bulletin that Monday (our Monday anyway) is the day you get Hannah Mei, and for us to be particularly prayerful.
Peace and God's blessings,
Pastor John

Denise B. said...

Hi Kim and Chris! How exciting for you both! You're all in my thoughts and prayers - can't WAIT to read more about your trip and am just so thrilled that you'll finally get to meet Hannah soon! What a lucky little girl to have such a loving Mom and Dad. Cheering for you hear in PA!

Rob & Heidi Fetterly said...

YEAH, you made it. Have fun, we'll be thinking about you.

Gail & Donny said...

We're thinking of you every day and will follow your progress. Can't wait for you to get your hands on Hannah - how wonderful it will be to actually hold her.
Gail & Donny

vici said...

ok its 6am in china and I have been thinking about you guys all day!!! there is nothing like holding your baby for the first time. I am so excited for you.

love ya
vici gary and greyson

Dee said...

Glad you made it HK safely. I can't wait to read more about your trip!

Ashley said...

We just wanted to let ya'll know that we're thinking about ya'll and we love ya! Happy Travels! Can't wait for more news!