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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hannah Bear

Well, of the few things that we have learned about Hannah, "she is a trooper" should be at the top of the list. She was a little bit more fussy this morning than usual - she even took a nap after being up for about an hour. Her nose has been running and she started this little pitiful sneeze/cough thing. We gave her a bath in the sink and she screamed bloody-murder the whole time. I tried to get the mysterious crud out of her belly button, but I could only get a couple of fragments - should have brought tweezers. We calmed her down and took her to breakfast and she tried some egg with her congee and some grape baby juice for the first time. We even took her on a very brief walk right before it started to downpour.

Today our agency arranged for a doctor to come and look at the girls and our appointment was at 11:00am. We thought this was perfect timing since her nose has started to run and the cough thing. To say that it was tramatic for Hannah is an understatement. It took four people to hold her head so the doctor could look into her ears - which were clear thank goodness. And the tongue depressor was horrible too. It turns out that Hannah's glands are swollen and she has got a bad cold. Her eyes have some goop in them, but the doctor thinks that is part of the cold. Looks like the anitbiotics we got in the U.S. will come to good use. Our agengy reps are also picking up some Tylenol for Cold and Cough (like a dumba** I only have it for fever) at the pharmacy this afternoon.

Right now, Hannah is sleeping and we hope she will feel better soon. I will take more pictures as soon as Hannah stops thinking we are worst parents ever.

I think she has somewhat forgiven us although that certainly can change. We were able to get some "hanging out in the room" pictures and we got a cute one of her looking at the fish in this huge tank at the 0791 restaurant where we ate dinner. Check out her raincoat and bunny slippers - I know too cute. One of the mothers from our group has to leave tomorrow to go back to work in a Broadway show in NYC. So we took some early family group pictures. I've also included a picture of the Corbin family - break a leg Laurie!



vici said...


Did you bring the nose sucker and saline? They hate it but when the they start snarfin the saline usually makes them shoot out the big boogers and the nose sucker can get the rest. Greyson is always mad while I am doing it but he thanks me later. That usually helps any cough that is from the nasal drip also.

poor baby, she has had alot going on in the last couple of days.

way to go Kim...antibiotics - good thinking.

love vici

St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...


We will call upon the creator of all life to touch "Hannah Bear" with his healing hand and make her well. Peace and love be with you.

Maria said...

Oh, poor Hannah. You are not the worst parents ever, and she doesn't think so. Every parent goes through this stuff with the first cold. You two just have the added joy of doing it on day 3 and with a language barrier.

But hooray for clear ears! And I agree w/ Vici about the saline flush, and that you're a smartypants. You'll all get through this just fine.

Ashley said...

Just remember that this too shall pass, and she'll feel your love and caring even if she doesn't show it until she feels better.

She's got the best parents EVER, so I know she'll be just fine!

We love ya!
ash, clay, riley & chance

Denise B. said...

Agree - the nose sucker and saline are a must. Oh, and Hannah will soon learn (if she hasn't already) that you're the best parents ever. My mom and dad send on their congratulations as well - Mom said her entire office is totally enjoying the adventures of Hannah Mei daily! She has a fan base in your home town already! :)

Maria said...

Oh, Hannah's even gorgeous when she's all snotty and feverish! I love that she's always holding the ring toy y'all sent in her care package - I'm getting all teary over here again!

And the expression on Kim's face in the fish picture - I can hear exactly the sound that goes with that. I'm sure everyone else who knows you can too - so quintessentially Kim, that one! The love that's radiating from these posts and pics is almost unbelievable - y'all are an incredibly beautiful family and I couldn't be happier for you.

Love you all!

vici said...

the pictures just came through. the fish picture and the one on chris' lap with her tounge out are great.

bunny slippers...very cute.

she is so beautiful!!!
love yas