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Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a Happy Anniversary!

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary - can you believe it? Ten years ago today we were partying it up at a country club in Parsippany, NJ. Now look at us. What a difference ten years can make... I mean besides the wrinkles. You can say that this experience and Hannah Bear are the best anniversary gifts ever, and they most certainly are, but Chris, Tiffany & CiCi made it even better by surprising me with a ten red roses and an anniversary cake complete with pyrotechnics (too hard to explain - but the Chinese really know how to do birthday candles). Thank you so much for making a special day even more special.

Today we went to the local food market in Nanchang and then the Peoples Park. The food market was definitely an experience, we seemed to get even more attention there than on the busy streets of Nanchang near our hotel. We saw hundreds of fresh vegetables and fruits and some really unusual gross stuff that will haunt me for awhile. We got firmly reprimanded by a pregnant Chinese woman for exposing our daughter's legs - but what can I say she's got really cute legs. The park was really beautiful and surprisingly busy considering it was mid-morning on a Thursday (the Chinese have a five day work week like us). After the park was yet another delicious lunch at a new restaurant called KungFu. That was where I was surprised by the roses and the amazing cake. (Hannah is big fan of icing - that's my girl.)

Hannah is as terrific as ever. Tiffany mentioned that she might turn out to be a shy girl, and I definitely have to agree - she talks to us alot, but around other people, she is content to sit and take it all in. Time will tell. Here are some things we have learned about Hannah thus far:

- She likes to be held... alot.
- She likes her bottles hot.
- Her tickle spot is her neck.
- She sleeps with her hands up.
- She learning to sit up on her own and roll over.
- When she does roll over, she does not like it.
- She likes to scratch (herself, others, furniture, whatever she's not picky).
- She's liked every food we have had her try (today was bananas and pears - big fan).
- She loves Cheerios.
- She likes music.
- Her favorite toy is the lanyard that came with our hotel room key.
- She likes her Daddy to put her to sleep.
- She likes her Mommy to feed her and change her dirty diaper... thanks Daddy.
- She's the boss and she knows it.



Maria said...


Yes, that deserves all caps and extra exclamation points. Okay, so everyone who was there needs to post some memories of that day.

- Kim dancing and singing "I got an outside wedding" while posing for pictures. We had rehearsed the ceremony indoors, but the rain let up early enough to have it outside.

- Navigating the big stone steps pretty much blind b/c we'd only rehearsed inside. No railing = terrified bridesmaids, clinging to their partners for dear life.

- Cowboy boots. The bride, groom, and 2 of the attendants wore them. No surprise then that so many in the families have headed South.

- The Macarena. It was pretty new, and most of us hadn't experienced it yet. Miss Ashley must have been to 5 weddings that year already - she was the only person on the dance floor over the age of 18 who knew it. She taught me and (I think) Denise B. and Nikki.

- Most important: Kim and Chris and their parents, families and friends, all ridiculously happy because the wedding was beautiful, but the marriage was going to be even moreso. What an awesome pair.

Hannah Banana Bear Davis: Best. Anniversary Present. Ever.

Sorry this is so long, but it has been 10 years, and this is such a happy time!

Love you guys. Congratulations, and many decades more.

St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

What a truly wonderful way to celebrate ten years of marriage! We wish you every happiness in the world and know how trully blessed you are now, with each other and "Hannah Bear"! Is "Hannah Bear" going to be her nickname for a while ... or forever? Our daughter, Leslie, became my "Pooh" as an infant and is still my Pooh. There was, however, a short period when she would be terribly embarased when I used it in public, but the early teen years are like that. That passed and "Pooh" was something that she still loves, at least from me.
The church bulletin board is getting full of "Hannah Bear" pictures, along with Momma and Poppa Bear.

Have a joyous day (night) and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Some times ya just gotta love the Internet!
Peace and God's special blessings on you all.
Pastor John

vici said...

ok, lets see...

- I remember when chris first told me about this very special girl he met. He wanted to buy her a special gift for Christmas. Her favorite song was Pachelbel's "cannon in D". He picked out a hand crafted italian music box with that song in it. I told him he better marry her quick, before she realized what she was getting into - we all know that chris just barely escaped the devil so I wont mention the "A" word but Kim was a miracle sent directly from God (who was finally tired of being harrased by chris' family)

- kim's dad crying his eyes out during the father daughter dance.

- kim's great attention to detail...special songs for each friend at the intro, all the baskets she spent her garage sale time looking for to make the center pieces, etc.


- the golf cart that drove by for a looksee during the ceremony :0

- me, dateless again (thank God we finally fixed that!)

- and, last but not least, chris gave me a daisy during the final dance. I think I may still have that thing pressed in one of my millions of books.

Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is a long time - Chris I told you all you had to do was tell her that you still had all of your teeth :)

love you guys
vici gary greyson

baynard said...

Keep the posts and pictures coming! The graphics and naming departments are completely addicted to our daily "hit" of the adventures of Hannah and her new parents. But the question remains -- will Chris ever leave the house again without a bottle of marinara sauce? Is that marinara sauce in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Happy Anniversary, guys!
Love, Amy

Maria said...

I knew I forgot something - the freaking golf cart! Lovely soundtrack during the vows!

Denise B. said...

Happy Anniversary indeed! I can't believe it's 10 years, either. (I also can't believe the Macarena has been around that long!) I remember learning it with Maria! I also remember starting the craze in Atlanta afterwards.

Yikes - the rocky path- the scarey steps - I remember that. I mostly remember how excited Kim was to get her outdoor wedding!!!! The entrance songs were hilarious - I remember they played the wrong one for me, but I still knew exactly which one it was supposed to be! LOL!!! And how much fun we had! I remember crying too at the Father Daughter dance. :) And how in love Kim and Chris were.

I knew the moment Kim introduced me that Chris was the keeper! I have never seen her so happy! Well, that is until I saw the pictures of her receiving her beautiful baby girl!!!

What an awesome anniversary present! :)

I'm loving these pictures. My entire department is online now reading the blog.

Happy Anniversary - and Happy Davis Family. :) YAY!!!