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Monday, April 24, 2006

Cutey McCuterton of Cuteville

Today is our first full day with Hannah and we can already see glimpses of the sweetest baby ever. We woke up at 2 am this morning with an empty belly and a nasty full diaper - you know, just to get things moving along. We had some official business to attend to this morning at the Provincial Registration & Notary offices and Hannah was a real good girl for all of it. We got some smiles today and even a half giggle.


St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

Good Morning (at least for us)or perhaps it's good evening. You all look so happy and Hannah Mei is indeed a truly beautiful baby. We are all excited about your "adventure" and are constantly in prayer that all continues well for you. May God's blessings, peace and comfort be with you all the day (night) long.
With love,
Pastor John

vici said...

she is so sweet. big hug for daddy, what a great picture.


Maria said...

Oh boy, is she ever the Mayor of Cuteville! That picture of Hannah and Chris is a treasure. I just knew she'd love both of you instantly.

Might I also add a hearty "YAY!" for Hannah's new haircut? The Punk Rock Baby look definitely suits her!

Oh, and Aunt Louise says, "Kimmie's looking an awful lot like Grandma Helen" in these pics. You got your Mama's smile, pretty lady!

Can't wait to read and see more! Love you all!

Ashley said...

She is adorable! I LOVE the photos of her and Chris, too! But I think Hannah Mei smile might be my favorite! What a perfect little family! So if she's up at 2 am there, what time would that be here? I'm so confused!

Ya'll all look fantastic, by the way! We're so happy for ya'll!

Denise B. said...

What a DOLL! She's clearly as happy to be with her new Mom and Dad as you are to be with her. I agree- the one of her hugging Chris is precious, but I think my favorite is that first one of her smiling. :-)

Gail & Donny said...

Well, you got her name right - she's definately just the cutest thing in the world. How about a nice picture of Hannah and Mommy next? Hope your days are wonderful and your nights get easier!
Warm hugs all around,
Gail & Donny

baynard said...

Saw by the Hannah Mei clock that you all are about ready to begin a new day. So glad to see you brought the computer along to keep us all posted. The pictures are great -- you all already look like the happy family. Much love and good thoughts from the AW crew!

baynard said...

So glad to see that you and Chris made it and that Hannah Mei FINALLY with her mom and dad. The pictures are great -- keep posting those! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Much love and good thoughts from the AW Crew!

kristin said...

Wow! She is beautiful and precious. I am elated for you both. Have a great time and give that wonderful little baby a big hug for me!

Dee said...

Wow. What a beautiful family you've made. Just lovely.